The Discovery of the Oraculum

In 1801, when Napoleon Bonaparte occupied Egypt, his officers came across something extraordinary buried in a royal tomb.

Among other treasures, they discovered a series of scrolls containing detailed instructions for divining the future. The emperor ordered these scrolls to be translated by a famous German scholar. From that time onwards, this Oraculum remained one of Napoleon's most prized possessions.

The Emperor's Questions

These are a few of the questions (with their answers) as recorded by Napoleon in his diary:

Question: Will my name be immortalized, and will posterity applaud it?

Answer: "Thy name will be handed down, with the memory of thy deeds, to the most distant posterity."

Question: Shall I be eminent, and meet with Preferment in my pursuits?

Answer: "Thou shalt meet with many obstacles, but at length thou shalt attain the highest earthly power and honor."

Question: "Have I any, or many Enemies?"

Answer: "Thou hast enemies who, if not restrained by the laws, would plunge a dagger in thy heart."

Unearth the Secrets of the Ancients!

After the Emperor's death, the Empress consented to allowing this book to be translated into English, and then published. It has been translated multiple times, and many people have used differing versions of it in order to ask questions, and to prepare for future circumstances. It's up to you to see for yourself the power of The Book of Fate...

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