The Challenge

This Challenge is not to be taken lightly. If you have questions or doubts, or are afraid of what the answers might bring, we recommend you avoid this application at all costs.

However, if after reading everything you can about this, and if you are determined to move forward, you can accept our Challenge:

Ask questions of The Book of Fate for one month, and track your results.

That's it! We suggest you keep a journal to record your questions and answers, and try to make sure you're in a quiet, peaceful room when consulting the Oraculum. Traditionally, best results are suggested to occur on nights of the full moon, and there are a few dates where it is said that the Oraculum should not be consulted (the app will warn you if you are asking a question on one of those dates, as well as if it's on a new or a full moon day). It is also recommended (again, according to ancient tradition) that you not ask the same question twice in the same month.

Once you complete the Challenge, we'd like to hear from you! To enter, send in a link to a blog post talking about your experience, or a Youtube video showing what happened. Certain submissions will win access to a special app (expected to be launching by mid-October).

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